Janome HorizonMemory Craft 15000

Rise of Another Manufacturer

Just a decade more and Janome Sewing Machines Company will accomplish a century of sewing excellence. In 1921, it was established under Pine Sewing Machine Firm in Japan. The Janome trademark only appeared in 1935 when its sewing models are sealed under this identity. No wonder, the Company underwent a transformation in 1954 assuming Janome Sewing Machines Co, Ltd. upon the introduction of the brand. And the rest is history!

Sewing Machine Offering

Now what does it offer? Equipped with outstanding elements and properties, the manufacturer brand made it on the market. In fact, most of its sewing models are compact with sophisticated capabilities therefore the computerized sewing system. In turn, it features high-performance but user-friendly operations incorporated on these machines. And it holds true on its affluent sewing machines variety that you are about to discover. Certainly you can anticipate more from its sewing machines collection.

Extravagant Unit Collection

Janome sewing machines come in an array of forms and designs. In particular, it features complete lines of product that range from stand alone to combo machines. These include embroidery-only machines, overlocking machines, sewing machines, sewing-quilting machines, and sewing-embroidery machines. Consequently you can experience great options only from Janome’s collection whichever sewing activity you are into. No wonder you can enjoy Janome innovative sewing technology whether you are into embroidery, decorative crafting, garment making, etc.

Best thing is that all these are available on different price ranges from economical, mid-priced, and expensive ones.

Top-Quality Components

Who could ever doubt the efficiency of Janome Sewing Machines? Going for a century of being an established company, you can expect that it is a reliable sewing unit. You can simply take it from its staying power for long year period of time in the market. As a matter of fact, it can surprise you with top-quality components and properties. For instance, Janome DC2010 components such as fully automatic sensor buttonhole, convertible free arm, direct stitch selection button, etc. And there is more to discover from Janome Sewing Machines made exclusive for you.

Supporting All Janome Embroidery Machines, Including MC11000, MC12000 & MC15000