Janome AcuEdit iPhone App

Janome Memory Craft 15000

Video explaining the use of the new Janome AcuEdit iPhone APP…… coming soon !!!

11 thoughts on “Janome AcuEdit iPhone App”

  1. I think Janome should put in directions on setting up your I pad and other instructions on the design area I am sorry but the stores who sell the machines do not know anything either some have not had any instructions from Janome.. I think there should be more hands on for this new equipment we seem to have learn on our own. I am tired
    of getting a headache and flustered just to setup everything the book is know help when
    they say one thing and its the other way instead someone need write it down step by step

          1. some apps are for phones and some for tablets that is what I have found out. theses apps are for the ipad only not the phone.

  2. Looks like it uses the same size hoops as the 12000, including the ASQ, plus a new small square one. Load the AcuEdit app and you can play with all the tools using the one sample design. FANTASTIC! You will be able to load or import designs from the machine’s library, as well as any designs saved to a memory flash drive that is connected to the machine! That is what has sold me! I am packing up my 18 month old 12000 as we speak!

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