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Janome 15000 released

We are talking to Janome Dealers on a daily basis in an attempt to get you the best deal on the new Janome Memory Craft 15000, contact your local dealer for the best deal.

Join our early notification list and make sure you find out about the “special” as soon as they become available.

Special Deals coming to

Boscawen 03303 USA

Northridge 91324 USA

Grand Rapids 49525 USA

Coburg, Vic, 3058, Aus

Ballarat, Vic, 3350, Aus

Albury, Vic, 3690, Aus

Greensborough, Vic,3088, Aus

Highpoint, Vic,3032, Aus

Narren Warren, Vic,3805, Aus

Davenport, Tas,7310, Aus

Burnie,Tas, 7320, Aus

Traralgon,Vic, 3844, Aus

Kyabram,Vic, 3620, Aus

Warrenton  NC  27589 USA 


14 thoughts on “Dealer Specials”

  1. I’m still waiting on the release of the 5×7 hoop for the 12K……….. I hear the same hoops fit both the 12 and 15K. That means there will have to be a software update to recognize this size hoop. Don’t understand WHY it these machine didn’t come with that hoop in the first place, since every major embroidery house has 5×7 designs…..??????? It’s a standard. I still have my 11K and purchased the released 5×7 hoop – Janome finally made one after months of user requests. With all those requests – why not include that size with the others???

  2. Thanks for you comments Peggy,

    We have been contacting dealers, that we become aware of, over the last few weeks and inviting them to add their details and offers to our website. Some are more proactive than others or they may be waiting on the official release before making any offers.

    If you have a particular dealer in mind please forward their contact details to me @ and I will make contact and see what if they are interested in promoting their business here.

    I’ve told that Janome Head Office have instructed the dealers to keep details of the MC15000 under wraps until they have one available to demo, expected release in the US is 1st Oct.

  3. Why are there not more USA dealers listed on the Dealer Specials page? What are the Janome promotional specials going to be? What is the MSRP going to be? Purchases of this magnitude require financial preparation, especially with a trade-in involved. I am committed to the purchase but really need the details in order to proceed.

  4. I just purchased the 12000 this past year….looking for the RE Hoop …only negative I can say about the 12000 is we waste a whole bunch of stabilizer (and it isn’t cheap) when embroidering because of the large hoops. The large hoops are wonderful but I have a lot of designs that are the 5″X 7″ or RE Hoop size —- sure need this hoop for the 12000. I do a lot of free-hand stippling and love the smooth works of the machine when stippling. I also like the larger hoops when one can combine two designs to one hooping. Thank You! Joan Wilkenn

  5. When will this be in the UK ?
    What is the price on this new machine ?

    Apart from a bigger screen, 480 embroidery designs inbuilt , APPS for ipad .
    What is better than on the 12000 ? Is it actually any bigger ? Or is the quilting space to the right of the needle any bigger ?

    I quilt , make drapes(curtains ) and wedding dresses mainly is there any real improvement on what it can do compared to the 12000 ? The big screen looks on first pictures available interesting .

    1. We can only list deals that offered by Janome Dealers, where is your local dealer located, we’ll ask them the same question :)

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