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Hi and welcome to my website, my name is Geraldine Gillen and have been using the MC15000 for a bit over a year now and just love it, transferring designs from the iPad to the machine happens in the blink of an eye. It is sooooo quite that you have to check to see if it actually working, it’s awesome , I just love it !!

Checkout some of My Creations using the in-build designs


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The Memory Craft MC15000 is the first Janome Horizion Memory Craft to use wireless Internet connection (WiFi) to allow you to communicate, now you can use your  iPad®  to talk to your MC15000….. via two included apps, you can also connect directly  to your laptop or PC via the usual USB connection or “YES” you can you WiFi with the AcuLink Suit  software.

Imagine sitting in your lounge room and watching the progress of your design being sewing out from the comfort of your armchair, well now that is possible.

The 9″ Screen is fantastic, so you need to get to your local Janome dealer and see this machine for yourself, don’t go home without one.

The first app is AcuMonitor™. It allows you to watch the progress of the embroidery stitchout remotely.

The second app is AcuEdit™, which allows you to use your iPad® to design embroidery layouts while relaxing on the couch.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 owners can access all 480 built-in designs once the iPad® has been connected to the machine.

Bigger is Better

It’s not just the largest touch screen on a Janome Memory Craft, it’s the largest touch screen on any home sewing and embroidery machine to date. Capable of displaying tens of thousands of colors, it’s brilliant, crisp and easy on your eyes. The new bigger touch screen makes navigation more intuitive than ever and gives you more room to work on your embroidery layouts.

Whether you do embroidery for quilting, home décor, or garments, the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 will help you complete your projects like never before.

The new Janome MC15000 has the largest workspace on any Memory Craft. Now matter how big your creative ideas are, you’re going to have the room to stitch them out.

100% Faster

The internal processor is 100% faster than the fastest Memory Craft to date. That really saves time when importing and opening those big design files.

You want frustration-free sewing, quilting and embroidery, so the navigation is so intuitive, that changing from one process to another is fast and simple (like a one-step needle plate conversion), and time-saving features, like a new automatic needle threader are instantly useful.”

Check it out NOW !!

See this amazing new machine in person. Ask about a free iPad® with the purchase of your MC15000*

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34 thoughts on “Janome MC15000”

  1. Is the new Janome 15000 going to be launched in the UK as well? I have only recently taken up sewing again and have a Janome DC3050 which was a Christmas present, I would love to have an embroidery machine and have been looking at the 12000, but with the new one coming out maybe I should consider this instead, although they are very expensive. I no longer work full time due to ill health, (fighting cancer), so I need something to keep me occupied and sewing is a favourite craft. Can you please let me know if it will be sold in the UK and the cost. Looking forward to seeing what it can do.


    1. Do you still need to buy a cloth setter or have they updated more like Brother with a laser pen for placing designs?

    2. I think the 15K is awesome. But so is the 12K. I’ve got the 12K and won’t be worrying about the wifi piece of it. I’ll upgrade to something when they make all the hoops like accuquilt hoop. Magnets instead of dorky knobs. Faster processor is awesome I’m sure. Still not enough to make me run from the 12K. If you want a treat, do the 12K with the reduced prices for getting them out the door. You won’t be unhappy at all.

  2. It’s amazing the amount of negative comments, especially regarding the iPad. Considering the machine is coming with an iPad, is it really so bad? Just consider it part of the machine if it makes you feel better.

  3. I am intrigued with all the new machines coming out this year and last. Newer interfaces with internet and computers. However, one must remember, that the sewing/embroidery machine is only as good as the sewing products it produces. Design manipulation is nice, but one can do all that with the software. Once the design is done on the computer, there is little need to tweek the design except for lining up on the fabric. Stitch quality is by far the most important feature. And ease of use in sewing too. I think we can be easily confused with all the bling on the machines. And they are very expensive too.

  4. Janome should have brought their various websites into the 21st century instead of another machine that you can’t find user guides for nor useful info on their sites (check Bernina, Viking sites…wonderful!!

  5. I agree. I really wish they’d make a 5 x 7 hoop for the 12000. It was the hoop I used the most with the 10000 and 11000.

  6. I haven’t used my 12000 to it’s full capacity yet. I don’t have an I-Pad or Smart Phone–nor do I want to. If the 15000 is so internet friendly, does that mean it will be outdated in a year or less like most computers? Frankly, I’d rather have a 5 x 7 hoop, a hoop that makes it easy to repeat designs along edges, and a needle threader that works.

    1. Hi. I have a MC12000 and I discovered that if I didn’t have a Janome needle in the machine then the needle threader didn’t work. I tried three other makes of needles and went back to Janome needles. Hope this info helps.

  7. I am just sick! I just purchased my 12000 about 6 months ago. I have used it twice. Instead of adding software to upgrade the 12000, Janome comes out with a whole new machine. I was unhappy when Janome brought out the 12000, and I found out that nothing from my 11000se could be used on the 12000. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not rich and cannot afford to collect machines. I kept my 11000se because I wanted the smaller hoops also. Now of course I would love the 15000! Janome give your faithful customers a break!

    1. I sympathise with you, Sandy. I was having problems with my 11K machine, and at one point I was offered a 12K for just $6000 (half price at the time, no idea now!) pretty much just to shut me up and make me go away.
      I took a closer look at the 12K, and decided not to take up the offer because I would still have had to spend more money on getting a cabinet that the machine would fit in, and all those new feet and hoops!
      I still have ongoing problems with my 11K but I try to avoid treating it too badly and hopefully it’ll do the same for me.
      I just rang my local Janome dealer to ask about the 15K but I get the impression I know more about it than they do. The man I spoke to said his wife is overseas now with Janome (presumably learning about the 15K) and she’s due back next week. He doesn’t have a release date for it here in Oz, nor a RRP. I guess I’ll find out next week what I can!

      1. Sorry you are having problems with your 11000. My first 11000 was so bad I almost quit sewing completely. But, thanks to a good instructor, and to the shop owner I purchased it from who was willing to listen and work with me, I was traded a new 11000se and it is perfect, so I kept it when I got my 12000 recently. If I were you, I would ask for a replacement for the one that doesn’t work and see if your dealer is as good as mine!

    2. Hi. Have you done the two updates on your 12000? There was the first update that came out a couple of months after it’s launch two years ago and then the second update came out last year. If you haven’t done them it would be advisable to get them done. Just thought you might like to know.

  8. All my computers are Android. Janome needs to get with the program on that. Still, I can’t wait to see this amazing machine.

  9. I don’t have an IPAD or an Andriod phone and don’t plan on buying one just for a new machine. I think they could do some upgrades for the 12000 also. Will like to see the 15000 when it comes out.

    1. Hi Carol,

      We have our ear to the ground but the details of the actual machine and it’s features are being kept under wraps until the official release schedule for sometime next week.

      Hopefully we can get some leaks before then.

      1. I am going to America for the launch of new machine and have been told to bring laptop, surely my ipad will do same

        1. My guess is that there will be additional software demonstrated so that is why you need to take your laptop.

  10. We need android APP. Will new machine have a high defenition screen? very excited for new machine.

  11. Not everbody has a apple product nor do they want one. Is there going to be a app for the Android phones?

    1. We have search for any indication of an Android APP being available, but so far it looks like it’s only available for the iPad.

    2. I don’t even have a fancy phone…and never will. I have a old fashion land line and a flip phone I never use…I think or I should say, I know I am super happy with my Janome 10001 – will just keep it. I had the 11000 and didn’t like it -

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